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Motorcycle Loader/Transporter for Truck Vans


One Person operation
Rugged Construction
Maximum Bike Protection

Pak-Rak VR Motorcycle Loader/Transporter -
RMX introduces the Pak-Rak VR motorcycle loader designed for use with enclosed van type vehicles. If you would like to transport your motorcycle with the best possible protection, with bike out of the elements, and no trailer hassle, this may be for you. The VR model is based on the proven Pak-Rak for pickup trucks, but specially adapted for vans.

If the idea of not having to mess with a trailer to transport your motorcycle is appealing ... look at the Pak-Rak.

No trailer license!
No trailer maintenance!
No trailer parking/storage hassles.
Maximum Convenience
Travel faster!

The PAK-RAK VR by RMX is an accessory for van type trucks that allows one person to easily load, and transport a motorcycle inside a closed van. The operator simply drives the bike onto the Rail, which is practically at ground level, dismounts, and slides the rear wheel clamp in behind rear tire. Using the remote control switch, which operates the unit, the VR Rak transports the loaded bike into the van. Add side to side tie-offs, and you're away.

With a Pak-Rak your ride can start exactly where you would like, with no concern about loading up your bike.

The Pak-Rak VR is based on the proven Pak-Rak developed for use with pickup trucks. The VR-Rak is constructed of heavy gauge steel and is powder coated. It is composed of four major sections:
Ex-Platform - Attaches Rak to truck bed. Enables Rak to extend out of truck for loading/unloading.
Rail- Stabilizes and carries bike.
Track - Articulates the Rail down to ground level.
Power-Pak - Contains the 12 volt winch.

The VR Model is a straight forward installation into vans. The Translating Platform is placed on bed at selected location. Platform serves as the drill guide for the four attach bolts. Rak will bolt down to threaded nut plates that go to underside of bed. The plates are permanently attached to bed at installation, so that the VR Rak can be quickly removed from truck.

Operation - The VR Rak works as follows: From the in van position, when the Remote Control "Out" button is depressed, the Translating Platform will move rearward to bring the Track/Rail Assembly out of truck. The Rail Assembly then moves rearward as the Track Section pivots to approximately a 30 degree angle. The Rail continues rearward until the rear wheels of Rail are on the ground. The Track then rotates to a near vertical position which allows the front of Rail to move down to ground level.

Prior to driving bike onto rail, the operator sets the compression clamp of front wheel stop by use of the lever.
B. The operator drives bike onto the Rail. (figure 1) The front tire is guided directly into the Front Wheel Stop. As the front tire approaches the front wheel slip, the Front Wheel Stop is automatically engaged. This stop rotates up behind tire and assists bike to roll fulIy forward into slip. The forward pressure on tire of the wheel stop stabilizes bike vertically to allow operator to dismount to install the RearWheel Clamp.

Photo (figure 2) illustrates the installation of the Rear Wheel Clamp. This clamp is positioned behind the rear wheel, and is adjusted snug to tire. This adjustable clamp accommodates various tire sizes and wheel bases.
D. The motorcycle is secured on the Rail by the Front Wheel Stop and the Rear Wheel Clamp. Bike is ready to load.

E. The remote control switch for the RAK allows the operator to control the loader with the left hand, (figure 3) keeping opposite hand on bike for security. During the loading sequence, the TRACK section pivots forward to approximately a 30 degree angle. The RAIL with bike moves forward telescoping into TRACK, then the Pak-Rak lifts bike as it pivots onto truck bed. The Translating platform then slides the loader with bike inside of truck. After motorcycle is loaded into truck, tie-downs (2 per side) are attached from truck to bike for side to side stability. The side tie-downs in combination with the front and rear tire restraints secure bike for transport. There is no wrenching down of the bike suspension system. (figure 3) Note: The Valkyrie is too tall to be loaded forward. It has to go rear first.
Unload / Roll-Off-To unload motorcycle the operation is just the reverse. When bike is on ground, operator removes the Rear Wheel Clamp, then;
1) Mount bike.
2) Using foot, press Release Lever to disengage the Front Wheel Stop
3) Roll Off!

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