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Following are some frequently asked questions about PAK-RAK

Q. What size motorcycle will the Pak-Rak load?

A. The Rak will lift any current standard production motorcycle. The unit adjusts to accommodate varying wheel base and tire size. Maximum width tire is 200 mm.

Q. How difficult is installation?

A. The installation is simple. Rak is shipped completely assembled. Unit is attached to truck bed with four bolts. The front and rear mount plates of RAK are bolted down to threaded nut plates that are placed under truckbed. These nut plates get permanently bonded to truck at in­stallation using supplies, industrial adhesive tape. All required wire, connectors, and fuse are supplied for the electrical connection to vehicle battery.

Q. Isn't this installed Rak going to tie-up the use of truck?

A. No. The installed Rak is compact, and it leaves a lot of space in bed of truck for cargo. Also, after initial installation, the unit can be easily removed from truck.

Q. Is it necessary to have a level parking lot to operate Rak?

A. No. The loading area should be reasonably level. City streets are fine. It is not necessary that the loading area is paved, as long as it a a hard packed surface.

Q. Can one tow a trailer with the Rak Loaded?

A. Yes. If you have a large travel trailer, a long bed truck should be used. The Rak will extend approximately 5 1/2 inches beyond bumper of a long bed truck.

Q. Won't this unit require a lot of maintenance?

A. The mechanics of the Rak are very simple. There is practically no maintenance. Occasionally wipe down the track with a greaseless lubricant (WD40) on rag.

Q. What size pickup is required to mount the Pak-Rak?

The standard Pak -Rak will accommodate bed lengths of 72 to 96 inches.

The new Pak-Rak SP will accommodate bed lengths of 66 to 84 inches

Suggested bed height for either model is 27 to 37 inches. Rak weight is 249 Ibs.

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