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Pak-Rak for Pick Up Trucks

- Rugged Construction
- Simple Mechanics
- One Person Operation
- Practical
- Easy Installation
- Moderate Cost
- Low Maintenance

The proven PAK-RAK by RMX is an accessory for pickup trucks that allows one peron to easily load, transport, and unload a full size motorcycle. The operator simply drives the bike onto the Rail, which is at ground level, dismounts, and slides the rear wheel clamp behind the rear tire. Using the remote control switch, which operates the unit, the RAK transports the loaded bike onto the truck bed. Add tie downs side to side and "Hit the Road". The PAK-RAK is an alternative to towing a bike trailer.

With the PAK-RAK your ride can start exactly where you would like, with no concern about loading up your bike.

The RAK is mechanically simple and rugged. It is powered by a 12 volt winch which is connected to the truck battery. The RAK installation is easy and straight forward, and the installed RAK can quickly be removed from the truckbed. For the individual who would like the freedom to be able to LOAD and GO, the RAK is the answer.
--A PAK-RAK will extend the opportunities to enjoy the sport of motorcycling --

The RAK is constructed of heavy gage steel and is powder coated.
It is composed of four major sectiogs:
RAIL - stabilzes and carries bike
TRACK - articulates the Rail down to ground level
POWER-RAK - contains the 12 volt winch. Also it serves as Forward Mount Plate

OPERATION - The RAK works as follows:
From the up-stowed position, when the Remote Control "Out" button is depressed the RAIL will move rearward as the TRACK pivots to approximately a 30 degree angle. The RAIL continues rearward until the rear wheels of RAIL are on the ground. The TRACK then rotates to a near vertical position which allows the front of the RAIL to move down to ground level.

Prior to driving on to the Rail, the operator sets the compression clamp (Figure 1.) of Front Wheel Stop by use of the lever. Figure 2. The operator drives bike onto the Rail. The front tire is guided directly into Front Wheel Stop. As the front tire approaches the front wheel slip, the Front Wheel Stop is automatically engaged.

Figure 3. The roller bar of wheel stop rotates up behind tire, rolling bike wheel on into from wheel slip. The forward pressure on the tire in wheel slip stabilizes bike to allow operator to dismount to install Rear Wheel Clamp. Figure 4. illustrates the installation of the Rear Wheel Clamp. This clamp is positioned behind the rear wheel, and is adjusted snug to tire. This adjustable clamp accommodates various tire sizes and wheel bases.
Figure 5. The motorcycle is secured on the Rail by the Front Wheel Stop and Rear Wheel Clamp. Bike is ready to load. Figure 6. The remote control switch for the RAK allows the operator to control the loader with left hand, keeping opposite hand on bike for security. During the loading sequence, the TRACK section pivots forward to approximately a 30 degree angle. The RAIL with bike moves forward telescoping into TRACK, then the PAK-RAK lifts bike as it pivots onto bed. The unit continues forward into its final position.
Figure 7. After motorcycle is loaded onto the truck bed, tie-downs (2 per side) are attached from truck box to bike for side to side stability. The side tie-downs in combination with the wheel clamps secure the bike for travel. There is no wrenching down of the bike suspension system. Unload/Roll Off
Unloading bike is just reverse of Load-Up procedure. When bike is on ground, operator removes the Rear Wheel Clamp, then
1. Mount Bike
2. Using toe, lift Release Lever on Rail to disengage the Front Wheel Stop
3. Roll Off

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